Revitalization Touch Therapy


This therapy is a phenomenal way to restore and revitalize the physical, emotional and spiritual body. In this healing session 5 healing therapy modalities are used along with the essential tools that are required.

The session is a 45 minute to 60 minute in length that is broken down into 5 healing increments.

15 Mins-Therapeutic touch with Aromatherapy

15 Mins-Crystal Therapy

5 Mins- Copper Tapping

10 Mins- Chakra Restoration

15 Mins- Infinity Reiki & Prana Therapy


Sleep & Relaxation Aid

Pain Management

Detox & Restoration of all bodies

Essential Oils to revitalize skin & health

Helps rid Anxiety & Stress

Immune System Builder

Spiritual & Intuitive Development

Promotes healthy Blood & Energy flow throughout body

Mental & Emotional Clarity & Focus

Inner peace & Understanding of Self


During this session you are in a dim, cozy and very private room. We have a comfortable Reiki bed and warm blankets as well. Please note* This is not a massage in any way. You are unclothed from waist up, however, you will be covered with sheets. There will only be you & practitioner in the space.

We promise to provide a professional & positive experience and to try our best to help restore your mind, body and spirit.