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Every Month we offer different classes and events. Every week on Thursdays, we have a Guided Meditation Night. 

Almost all of our events and classes are Pre-registration required, due to our classroom size, therefore if you want to attend something, please try to register as soon as you can, they do fill up fast. 

We also have a mentoring program for individuals who are looking to discover the light worker within. Please read thoroughly and feel free to contact us with any questions. 

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Weekly Guided Meditation & Tea Night

 Guided Meditation & Tea Night

Thursdays 6:30pm-7:15/7:30pm
For ANYONE over 16 yrs old
ALL Levels Welcome

We LOVE offering Guided Meditation!  Since its a new year and new energy, we thought we would offer you a little bit more!

Join us every Thursday for Tea, Guided Meditation followed 5 minute Reiki Boost. This is for anyone looking for peace, tranquility, relieving stress/anxiety, developing their meditation skills or just looking for a new journey.


$7 Per Attendance


$21 (Buy 3 get 1 free)

TEA: 6pm/6:15

Meditation: 6:30

Reiki Boost: After Meditation


Full Snow Moon Gathering

   Full Snow Moon gathering
We all know that full moons are beautiful, mysterious and above all powerful! On February 19th 2019, the Snow Full moon rises. This moon is very important because it symbolizes strength, survival and an ending of a season. In Native American culture, the full moon in February was given the name “snow moon” because it was the month of the most and heaviest snow. People had to be strong, wise and determined to survive. Just by living through the rise and fall of this full snow moon meant that they are much closer to Spring and new life.

Infinity’s Full Snow Moon gathering is a great opportunity for you to align your intentions, goals, dreams, energy and most of all release what is no longer needed for the up-coming Spring.
Workshop Highlights

  • Tools to help you align, attune and rejuvenate self 
  • Self-Hypnosis on setting & keeping intentions and releasing
  • Creating an elixir for protection & empowering self, environment and goals
  • Full moon meditation
  • Energy Circle & Full moon ceremony using herbs & crystals

When: Tuesday February 19th 2019Time: 6:30-8:30pmCost: $45  


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Reiki Certification Course

 "We all have that healing light within, Reiki awakens it, helps it shine and teaches you to empower your natural divine essence of healing"

Feb 24th-Mar 2rd, 3rd & 10th


Reiki Certification Course
Level 1 & Level 2

Who is this course for?
Emapths that are ready to do more with their healing light
Caretakers, nurses, doctors, moms, dads, healers
Those ready to take the next step towards their life purpose

What to expect:
This course is not easy. It is time consuming, but well worth it. Completing the entire course, you will receive Reiki Certification Level 1 and 2. Learn how to use, heal, history and purpose of reiki.
You will also be introduced to healing crystals, chakras & other energy modalities that will benefit Reiki healing.

This is a 4 part course- Sun, Sat, Sun, Sun. Each class MUST be attended.
*******This class is purposely kept very small. There will be up to 6 spots available.
VERY hands on course, each student will have one on one time with instructor and group time.

Total Cost (Includes all materials): $375 (Deadline, January 15th)
**If you pay in full we are giving a $25 discount

Deposit of $150 (Deadline, January 15th)
(If you opt for deposit, the remainder amount of $225 must be paid in full by February 4th)

All Questions can be emailed to 

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Kids Mandala & Meditation Workshop

   Kids Mandala & Meditation Workshop

It doesn’t matter if you’re 40, 70, 15, or 3-years old, meditation is a valuable tool that can help you find peace, control and focus. For children, this is exceptionally important because they are so sensitive to energy and their empath qualities. We are finding that elevated levels of restlessness, stress and anxiety along with ADHD are at its highest in kids then ever before.

This Sunday workshop will start out by introducing Mandala coloring to induce relaxation, emotional and stress release, followed by a very kid friendly guided meditation. These techniques will be taught to you as the parent as well, to then practice at home.

Workshop Highlights:
*Teaching your child how to correctly breath and gain control during
stressful situations
*Mandala coloring to help release pent up emotional stress, fears or
thoughts, which then they can do at home there after
*Help with sleep and concentration
*Bring overall wellness and awareness

Each Child will go home with their very own mandala coloring book!

***We have 10 seats available for kids and 1 parent or guardian.



**Pre-registration is required 

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