Classes ~ Events ~ Workshops ~ Mentoring Program

Every Month we offer different classes and events. Every week on Thursdays, we have a Guided Meditation Night. 

Almost all of our events and classes are Pre-registration required, due to our classroom size, therefore if you want to attend something, please try to register as soon as you can, they do fill up fast. 

We also have a mentoring program for individuals who are looking to discover the light worker within. Please read thoroughly and feel free to contact us with any questions. 

Be sure to scroll to very bottom of the page for all events. 


Intro To Spirit Guides & Totem Animals

MARCH 23rd 

Many people do not realize just how much our Totems & Spirit guides impact our lives,karmic debt and so much more! 

We offer this class, so,you have the chance to understand, meet and receive messages from those guiding you. 

Class Highlights

  • Receive a message from both Totem and Spirit guides
  • Learn who they are & purpose for you
  • Deep Relaxation
  • Gain an understanding on your purpose

When: March 23rd 

Time: 6:30pm-8:30pm

Cost: $45 Per person

Registration Required 

Awaken Self


This class is a beginning for those who are ready to discover themselves intuitively and energetically. We will go over types of intuitves, empaths, healers and their modalities. You will then have the chance to begin to discover where you fit into these realms and the next steps. 


*Understanding Modalities

*Your Strengths/Weaknesses

*Spirit Guides

*Personal Journey starting point

*Energy Healing

Much More!

When: April 28th

Time: 6:pm-9pm

Cost: $55

Registration Required

Souls From the Past: 2 Night Workshop

April 6th & 7th 

For a more detailed description of this event, please click the "Find out more" button. 

Read thoroughly, and if this is something you would like to do, please register as soon as possible, we are limited to 8 attendees. 

Aura Energy 101


Learn how to see, understand and heal 

Cost: $40

Friday March 9th


‘Matter is energy, Energy is Light, We are all light beings.’ 
~Albert Einstein.

Aura Energy 101 is just the beginning! This is an intro class, where you learn the different energy fields that we know as Auras. You will be introduced to each specific layer, color & color meaning, how to "see" auras and identify. 

After you complete this class you will have the option to take Aura Energy Level 2.  In level 2 you will learn each color more progressively along with its properties, health colors for humans & animals and also how to Read Auras for self and others. 

Weekly Guided Meditation & Tea Night

 Guided Meditation & Tea Night

Thursdays 6:30pm-7:15/7:30pm
For ANYONE over 16 yrs old
ALL Levels Welcome

We LOVE offering Guided Meditation!  Since its a new year and new energy, we thought we would offer you a little bit more!

Join us every Thursday for Tea, Guided Meditation followed 5 minute Reiki Boost. This is for anyone looking for peace, tranquility, relieving stress/anxiety, developing their meditation skills or just looking for a new journey.


$7 Per Attendance


$21 (Buy 3 get 1 free)

TEA: 6pm/6:15

Meditation: 6:30

Reiki Boost: After Meditation