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The Infinity Center Mentoring program is designed with your future in mind.

Have you always felt connected to Universal teachings & spirituality? Perhaps, you have been feeling a pull or have received signs to understand, evolve and embrace your healing & psychic abilities….

We can help open the door to awakening and enlightenment!

The Infinity mentoring program offers hands on, college like courses that are broken up into 2 levels. There are scheduled classes 2x per month.  Level 1 is an estimated 4-month (16 week) program that has flexibility for your schedule in mind. You will be introduced to your true self & potential, all while diving into discovering and understanding your abilities, strengths, weaknesses and direction to take. Level 2 This is an estimated 8-month program, where the real fun begins! You will be taught the fundamentals of psychic/medium readings, in-depth energy healing modalities, paranormal studies, past lives and much more. This level is very intense, a lot work but worth it! 

In each level there are also certifications earned. 

We help our students by working one on one, in house shadowing, lifetime relationship and much more.

Open your heart, mind and soul to the possibly that you CAN have the career of your dreams and finally take a step towards your life purpose!

A little more to go

By scrolling down you will see an overview of each level. 

If you decide this may be something for you, please contact us and we will set up a consultation to answer any questions, go over pricing and help with anything else. 

Level 1

 Part 1: Release & Boundaries

· Psychic Shielding

· Who you are as an Empath

· Level of Empathy. Traits and Types of Psychic Empaths

· Psychic Protection, Energy Shields

· How to understand your Energy Field (Psychic Space)

· Cut & Release Cords & Clearing your Energy Field regularly

· Cut & Release unhealthy People & Entities out of your Energy Field

Part 2:  Guiding Light

· Spirit Guide- Communication, Relationships & interacting

· Totem Animals- Communication, Relationships & interacting

· Ascended Masters-Discovery

Part 3: Awaken 

· Discovering and Understanding your Abilities

· Divination Tools Level 1 & How to use them

a. Pendulums

b. Dowsing 

c. Oracle

d. Miscellaneous 

· The difference between Psychic "Seeing" & "Sensing"

· Beginning Development of Psychic, Energetic Abilities

· The C’s & Development

a. Clairvoyant

b. Clairaudient

c. Clairsentient

d. More

Part 4: Necessities

· Chakras 7 Parts

· Essential Oil Basics

· Herbs-4 parts

· Crystals- 6 parts

· How to Smudge/Cleanse 

· Spiritual Path

· Soul Coaching

After completing Level 1, you will have earned the following Certifications:

Crystals I

Chakras I

Level 1 Completion

Wellness I

Level 2


 This is an 8 month program. 

Level 2 is where the real fun begins! You will be taught the fundamentals of reading & healing for others, in-depth energy healing modalities, paranormal studies, past lives and much more. This level is very intense, a lot work but worth it! After you complete level 2 you will be ready to begin your journey! 

Part 5: Energy Enlightenment

· Reiki Level 1 & 2 Certification

· Cont. Chakras Study

· Symbolism, Visions & Imprint

Part 6 & 7: The Reader within

· Tools Part 2

a. Gazing/Scrying

b. Automatic Writing

c. Crystal Reading

d. Other

· Reading Modalities

a. Tarot

b. Oracle 2

c. Tea Leaf

d. Psychometry

e. Other

Part 8: Energy Healing

· Revitalization Touch Therapy (Certification once completed)

· Chakra Therapy (Certification once completed)

a. 3rd eye activation

b. Chakra Regression

c. Other

· Aromatherapy Chakra Healing

· Meditation Therapy

· Reiki Therapy Extended

· Past Life Readings/Regression input

· Prana & Kundalini

· Other

Part 9: Beyond the Veil

· Mediumship

· Channeling

· Psychic Energy

· Realms & other Dimensions

Part 10: Cryptids & Paranormal

· Paranormal Research

· Investigation

· Tools

· Entity Crossing over do’s & don’ts

· Cryptozoology

Part 11: The Professional Lightworker

· Psychic Protocols for Professionals 

· Basic Psychic Reading Skills & distinctions

· Psychic Self-Clearing Before, During & After Readings

· Interpretation

· Personal Style

· Next Step as a professional

Once Level 2 is completed, the following Certifications will be earned:

  • Reiki Level 1 & 2
  • Chakras II
  • Crystals II
  • Animal Reiki/Communication Level 2 (if added)
  • Wellness II


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