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Sometimes things DO go Bump in the Night!

We will be there to help you!

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Our team founder and case manager, Kristi R., has been researching and investigating everything from ghosts to Bigfoot for the last 17 years, and has trained each team member to be a detailed, professional and compassionate investigator. Our mission is to help educate those who do not understand or fear the paranormal, help all paranormal or super natural beings and to help prove their existence. 

We are professional, and we personally treat each case with confidentiality, respect and an open but grounded mindset.

We have our own personal gifts that we implement during investigations, but also rely on our equipment and knowledge as well. We are there to help you regain power and comfort back into your personal space and help the paranormal find peace and a way back to where they belong. 

​We understand that for some, this can be very frightening, and we promise to help you and ease your fears as best as we can.


If you feel that you have a haunting, experienced something unnatural, witnessed something unexplained or any other Paranormal, Super Natural occurrence please contact us, we will do what we can to help you asap. If we feel your circumstance is out of our reach, we will guide you to other resources that we have confidence in.


There is NO FEE for an investigation! 

​We don't profit or expect too!

This is our passion and we want to help you & paranormal.

If you would like to donate, it is greatly appreciated! Equipment and traveling is very expensive and any little bit helps!

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