We provide services for adults, children and even Pets!

All of our appointments are by appointment only. However, you may stop by and see if we have anything available on the spot, it's rare that we do, but we will try!

To Make an Appointment please call 

(262) 723-2220

Email: info@theinfinitycenter.net

For All Video/Phone/Online Chat MEDIUM Readings, Please PRe-Pay Here

Psychic Services

Medium/Psychic Readings

During this session you will be able to receive messages and insight from past loved ones, spirit guides and more. 

Communicate With Past Loved Ones, Spirit Guides, Totem Animals, Ascended Masters and more.

30 Mins:$60
45 Mins: $85
60 Mins: $110
30 Mins: $115
45 Mins: $150
60 Mins: $210

Card Readings

Oracle, Tarot & Specialty Cards



15 Minute Session -$35

30 Minute Session-$55

45 Minute Session -$75

60 Minute -$105


30 Minute Session- $85

45 Minute Session- $115

60 Minute Session-$180

Native American Card Readings

 Native American tradition works with the animals of its territories as spirit guides showing the path to enlightenment. Different animals will come into and out of our lives depending on the journey we are taking. The belief of the Native Americans is there are 9 totem animals that walk with us our entire lifetime in both the physical and spiritual world. This is known as the life spread.

15 Minutes $35

30 Minutes $55

​60 Minutes  $85



Nine Animal Totem Reading: This is only done ONCE in your lifetime- Very powerful Reading

 (2 1/2 - 3 Hours) $275

Pet Services

Flame Reading

Everyone likes a little fire, right? Well, you definitely will after your reading! Flame readings tend to give deep insight from higher self or guides. You can ask questions, learn about past, present & future or just see what the flames have to say! 

15 Mins $30

30 Mins $50