Reiki Level 1 & 2 Certification


Reiki Level 1


This is a one-day certification class introducing Level 1. This level begins deep healing that not only empowers you in your own journey but allows you to share healing with others. After the completion of this class you will understand how to administer hands on Reiki treatments and have a basic understanding of the energy body. Please note: you cannot perform Reiki on others for payment or healing purposes until you have completed LEVEL 2 and received certification. 

Class Objectives

 The History of Reiki

Elements of the Human Energy System (Chakra, Endocrine & Aura Field)

How Reiki Works

How to use Reiki for personal healing and to assist others

Intro to Symbols and Hand Placements

You will receive the Reiki I Attunement and certificate.


Reiki Level 2 

Level 2 Reiki is more complex and expansive. We will dive deeper into symbols, your flow of Reiki energy, administering and distance healing. Be ready to expand your awareness!  There will be volunteers available to you for practice and hands-on work.  Please NOTE: You will need to complete level 2 in order to work on others.

Class Objectives

Receive the Reiki II symbols, meanings, and their & applications;

Distant Healing

Performance in Level 2 Attunement

Chakra Healing & Understanding

Intuitive Enhancement

Techniques, Exercises and Applications 



Finding your niche

Group Healing

Certification Level 2 Completion


Level 1: $150

Level 2: $225

Material Fee: $25


**Combo Price: $350 

If Paid in full- Material fee waived


03/17,18 & 25th

All dates must be attended

PLEASE CONTACT Kristi to register