We are very excited to offer day retreats! Whether its on the river somewhere or at our center, each and every retreat is to help, guide and empower you! All of our retreats are different and unique. Below you will find our up-coming retreats!

Soul Purge: Day Retreat

A Day Retreat on the Rock River

‘Helping you rid what is Disturbing your Peace’
A day of holistic, intuitive & inner wellness

Join us at the beautiful Fort Atkinson Community Center on the Rock River. We will have full access to the river front, our own private comfortable space and plenty of room to purge!

The Soul Purge Retreat has been designed to help you rid all the toxic disruptions in your mind, body & soul that is weighing you down, blocking your evolution and keeping away the very peace every human requires.

By purging, you release and set yourself free. This freedom comes with unconditional love, new beginnings, letting negative patterns go, detaching cords that bind you to the past and most of all, purging helps you rediscover your authentic self.  

Retreat Details & All inclusive:
🔅The retreat begins at 8:30am and ends at 3pm
🔅There will be an itinerary for the day, each part very imperative to the inner work you will be doing
🔅All materials & tools will be included (Handouts, crystals, books etc.)
🔅Refreshments (Coffee, Tea & Infused Water) will be offered
🔅Healthy Lunch (Will be disclosed at registration) will be offered
🔅Guided Meditation Cd or Download
🔅Parting gifts

When: Sunday, September 8th 2019
Cost: $145 includes all materials
Must Pre-Register.  Minimum is 6 registrants

Itinerary Highlights:
1)Please note: the brief itinerary shown below is only giving you an idea of what to expect. Within each hour activities will vary in length.
2)During this retreat we will also be outside on the Rock river doing various healing sessions.
3)Once registered: You will receive a welcome & info email giving you important details, what to expect & lunch expectations.  

▪️First Hour: Prepare for the purge
Energy Cleansing- a great start to detox and clear self for inner work

▪️Second Hour: Nature’s 6th Sense
Outdoors Morning Meditation on the River
• Guide you to deep insight on what is suffocating you
• Totem Animals helping to guide you through this release
Silent Walk of inner knowing
Nature Journaling

▪️Third Hour: The Purge
Purge Circle
Chakra Renewal & Recharge
Color Vibration: Using colors, auras and creativity to release

Lunch Served

▪️Fourth Hour
Crystal Visions- Using specific crystals to show you visions, insight & channel inner child for healing
Crystal grids- creating a crystal grid for self-love & new beginnings
Finding your Source

▪️Fifth Hour: Learning from the Past
Purge from your Past lives
Group past life regression
Group Circle: cutting the binding cords
Group Healing

▪️Sixth Hour: The beat after the Purge  
Drumming circle- Spirit journey with drums
One on one healing- meet individually with Kristi
Evolution Meditation

Spots limited, first come first serve, sorry we cannot hold seats.